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Hair Extension Queen

Be.Bella Steam Brush


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Brush, straighten or curl your hair quickly with long lasting results.

The gentle ceramic bristles does not damage the hair as a flat iron would and effortlessly glides through with each pass without pulling the hair. Your hair will not only feel smooth but it will also look healthy.

The brush holds 30ml of water that emits high pressure steam to help provide a continuous flow that straightens while adding a glossy shine to the hair at the same time.

Featuring 5 different levels of temperature, the steambrush is suitable for all hair types to create various finishes from soft, gentle look to elegant, classic waves.

Has 5 levels of temperatures for different hair types:
– 230˚C – Coarse hair types
– 210˚C – Thick hair types
– 190C – Normal hair types
– 170˚C – Soft hair types
– 150˚C – Damaged hair types