How long will hair extensions last?

Each person is different, depending on climate, water, products used, care for the hair, brushing, using blow dryers and hot irons, how it was applied, swimming, how often washed, etc. over a year if cared for properly.

Can I go swimming with my new hair extensions?

Please avoid salty or chlorinated water!
Quality hair extensions are made of real hair, which is why the chlorinated water in most pools and the ocean water can be damaging. Try to avoid swimming without protecting your hair properly. Always wear a cap in the water and minimize the risk of getting your hair wet.

How often should I brush my hair extensions?

Brushing your hair with a Hair Extension Brush two to three times daily is a good idea. You can do this before you get your hair wet in the shower. Just be careful with how you go about this because you don’t want to uproot the bonds. You can press down on your roots while brushing your hair gently.

How often should I wash my hair extensions?

DO NOT wash your hair regularly.
You should put off washing your hair as much as possible and opt for dry shampoo to restore freshness to hair because shampoos have harsh minerals which can weaken the bonds.

Can I use a hair straightener or curling iron?

DO NOT expose your hair to too much heat.
As with your natural hair, too much heat on your hair from either the sun or styling tools can cause damage to your extensions. Never forget to use a heat protectant if you want those extensions to last longer.

Can I sleep with wet hair?

DO NOT sleep with wet hair.
Avoid doing this as much as possible because you’ll end up tangling your hair. What you can do instead is wait until your hair is dry and braid it or tie it in to a loose ponytail before you sleep.

Can I dye/color my Hair extensions?

Yes, hair extensions can be colored. As a general rule it is easier to darken the hair than to lighten the hair.
 We recommend to dye darker, since it is difficult for the original colour to fade. Improper dying will ruin the hair. We highly recommend having your hairdresser dye the extensions. Colouring by yourself will take a risk of not coming out the shade you want. If you can't get to a salon, please always use a good quality products and test a small sample first.
But please don't use any type of colouring or chemical service that will down the life of your hair extensions.

What hair products should I use?

Only use correct recommended hair care products. Incorrect products will dry your hair extensions. Please read our Hair Care section for more information.

Can I brush my hair while it's wet?

DO NOT brush your hair while it is wet as this will stretch and put extra stress on your extensions. You can hair dry most of the moisture from your hair, then brush with a hair extension brush.

What should I do with my hair when going to bed?

Always plait or braid hair before bed. Never go to bed with a wet head as this will ruin the extensions.
You can also minimise damage while sleeping by using a silk pillowcase.

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