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About us

Hair Extension queen is a Australia Wide supplier and wholesaler.

Offering premium extensions to public, salons or business owners.
We wholesale a wide range of extensions in all types textures colours and lengths which are all 100% Russian 8A GRADE.

We also stock and sell all hair extension needs from beads/pliers starter kits and home DIY packs.We strive to ensure we are reliable and have the latest and best quality of Extensions products available.Sourcing our products from certified and assessed hair manufactures so we know and can guarantee nothing but PREMIUM quality every time.
Only selling it to you for an unbelievable price you would not find anywhere else.
Everyone's satisfaction is our number one priority.That is why we are becoming a more popular hair extension supplier/wholesaler to salons and public around Australia.
You can colour, curl, straighten, style and wear our Hair Extensions any way you like.
We always Recommend heat protector and retail products needed to maintain and keep quality of hair for over a year.Our hair extensions come in a wide range of colours
INC Balayage Ombre dip dyed mixed foiled effect or pastels any colour you would like we custom to you request.All our hair looks and feels so natural that no one will know you’re even wearing them!Our hair stands the shed, matt and dry out test.

How long will hair extensions last?
Each person is different, depending on climate, water, products used, care for the hair, brushing, using blow dryers and hot irons, how it was applied, swimming, how often washed, etc. over a year if cared for properly.
All our hair is NOT treated with chemicals of any kind and guaranteed healthy.

FREE Sample strands available .
Express delivery Australia wide
Supplied with tracking number to monitor delivery & sign on delivery. No Minimum Order Required.
Feel free to email any questions and orders to
We look forward to being your new supplier.