About Hair Extension Queen

Hair Extension queen is an Australia Wide supplier and wholesaler offering premium extensions to the public, salons and business owners.

We wholesale a wide range of extensions in all types textures colours and lengths which are all 100% Russian luxury cuticle correct 12A GRADE.

We also offer an in store Hair Extension application service among all other salon services.

We strive to ensure we are reliable and have the latest and best quality of Extensions products available. We source our products from certified and assessed hair manufacturers, so we know and can guarantee that we sell nothing but PREMIUM quality every time.

We also strive to sell our products at unbelievable prices that you would not find anywhere else.
Our customer's satisfaction is our number one priority. That is why we are fast becoming THE place to get your hair extensions in Australia.

We also sell hair extension accessories that are required to use your hair extensions, including beads, pliers, starter kits and home DIY packs.

Training in salon also now available for all methods of hair extensions. Please contact for more information

All of our products are made from 100% Russian Cuticle Correct Human Hair

Our human hair extensions are durable and long lasting. No shedding or tangling!

We sell absolutely NO synthetic or heat resisted blends.

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  • Over 30 colours to choose from

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  • Our hair stands the shed, matt and dry out test

  • 100% Russian Remy Human Hair

What are you waiting for?

Amazing Hair Extensions you can colour, curl, straighten and style any way you like, what can be better than that?

It doesn't stop there - we will give you tips and advice on how to maintain and keep the quality of your hair for over a year. We recommend heat protector and retail products needed to maintain the look for your extensions for the longest possible time.

Our hair extensions come in a wide range of colours including
Balayage Ombre dip dyed mixed foiled effect or pastels, any colour you would like - we custom to your request.
All our hair looks and feels so natural that no one will know you’re even wearing them!

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