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Hair care

It's important to give proper care to your hair extensions.
The first thing that happens to extensions is that they get dry! Why?
Because extensions are not attached your scalp they do not receive any natural oils from your scalp, such as our own hair does, therefore, over time with washing, hot tool use and natural wear and tear, extensions dry out.
What can I do to prevent my HAIR EXTENSIONS from drying out?
It is simple, keep to your extensions home care instructions below.

When brushing hair extensions, use a hair extensions loop brush.
Brush gently in a downward motion beginning at the ends of the hair, then work your way up finishing at the roots. Brush 4-6 times a day.

Always brush the extensions gently before washing to detangle.
Use Hair Extension Queens recommended shampoo & conditioner. This is formulated for extensions and will add moisture to the extensions, keeping them looking better for longer.
Gently lather shampoo until hair is clean then rinse thoroughly under warm water.
Apply conditioner, leave for 3-5 minutes and then rinse.
IMPORTANT: when applying conditioner or polishing milk, cover your extensions only away from roots.
Always tilt head back when washing. Do not put head upside down in a sink as this will rough the cuticles the opposite way.
Squeeze out excess water and gently pat dry with a towel. DO NOT RUB.
After you have taken most of the moisture out, apply Hair Extension Queen recommended styling products before blow-drying your hair on a low setting.
For best results, use an ionic hairdryer.
Do not use products other than what's recommended.

To minimize DAMAGE if you choose to go against this recommendation:
Wet hair down with fresh water and seal with your recommend product polishing milk to keep absorption of sea or pool water to a minimum. Alternatively, wear a cap when swimming or keep your hair extensions out of the water.
Chlorine and salt water will dry out your hair extensions, so wash your hair as soon as possible after swimming.
Please note, it is very important that you carry your recommend retail polishing milk with you and apply to your hair after swimming. This will keep your hair moisturised and glossy, and will prevent any tangles until you get home and give it a proper wash.

When doing any kind of sports activities, wear your hair up in a ponytail or braid.

Never wear high ponytails. Hair grows "down". Your extensions are put in "down". High ponytails pull on the attachment and cause little breaks all through the natural hair.

Always plait or braid hair before bed. Never go to bed with a wet head. This will ruin the extensions.
You can also minimise damage while sleeping by using a satin pillowcase.

You can straighten and curl your extensions. Just like your natural hair, your extensions must be protected, especially prior to the use of any kind of hot tools, such a curlers, straighteners or any kind of irons. Use a heat protector at all times.

DO NOT perm, cut, colour or do any other chemical process to your own hair extensions.

Unattended Matting and Tangling:
Left uncorrected, excessive matting and tangling that is then removed forcefully will tear and damage the hair extensions.

You could cause serious damage to your natural hair.

From the time you have your hair extensions applied, to the time you have them removed / reapplied, it is normal for a few to come loose or come away.
You may not lose any at all. This is just a guide and greatly depends on many factors including method used, non-correct care and your natural hair.